Superhero Summer Party (ages 3-12) Park

Just because the Summer Reading Program has ended doesn't mean the adventure has to stop!  Join us for an afternoon of superhero fun and games!  Train to become the next great superhero.  Take down super villains and take home some awesome trophies for your secret hideout!

This program will take place at the Park Branch, 1119 Bechtle Avenue, Springfield, OH.  Please call (937) 322-2498 for more information.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the program.

Library Tall Tales with Lisa Holmes (all ages) - Park

Join Lisa Holmes, professional storyteller, as she tells some super tall tales at the library!

Lisa will be here as Sally Ann Whirlwind.  You won't find Sally Ann in any history book, but that hasn't kept her from becoming an American frontier legend.

On the day she is born, Sally Ann Whirlwind proudly says that she can out-talk, out-grin, out scream, out-swim and out-run any baby in Kentucky!  Within s few years she is off to the frontier, where she stuns a hungry grizzly bear, makes a lasso out of six rattlesnakes and is more than a match for mighty Mike Fink. 


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