Mission: Spot the Reindeer (ages 2-12) - Enon

During library hours -

A North Pole Reindeer has chosen to visit the Enon Branch.  Our reindeer will roam throughout the library during the Christmas season.  Will you be able to spot him?  The reindeer insists that in order to maintain his magic, he should not be touched or moved.  Children ages 2-23 can report to a staff member that they have spotted the reindeer to receive a small treat.

This program will take place at the Enon Branch, 209 East Main Street, Enon, OH.  Please call (937) 864-2502 for more information.

Between the Covers Book Club "Ethan Frome" (adults) - Enon

Join us as we read the classic Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

Of her twenty-five novels, Ethan Frome is the one of which Edith Wharton was most proud. In the novel, young Ethan Frome marries Zeena Pierce, who is seven years his senior, after she nurses Ethan's mother through a terminal illness. When Zeena also turns sickly, she invites her cousin Mattie Silver to live in and help with household chores. Ethan and Mattie fall in love, and Zeena, aware of their attraction, decides to send Mattie away. A desperate Ethan cannot bear the thought of letting Mattie go, but neither can he escape with her. The couple decide upon a course of action designed to ensure that they remain together, but the plan falters and all three characters are left to suffer its nightmarish consequences.Historically viewed as a high society writer or novelist of manners, Wharton is now receiving her due as an astute chronicler and critic of American life who brought literary realism to new levels and helped to usher in a new period of modernist innovation.

Ethan Frome Book Cover


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