Stephen King Read Alikes

Grab one of these authors that are as creepy as Stephen King.  Don't forget to leave a light on. 
V.C Andrews
Richard Bachman
Iain Banks
Clive Barker
Campbell Black
William Peter Blatty
Robert Bloch
Chaz Brenchley
Poppy Z. Brite
Ramsey Campbell
Andrew Coburn
Robin Cook
Frank De Felitta
John Farris
Alan Dean Foster
Christopher Fowler
Stephen Gallagher
Charles L. Grant
Marilyn Harris
Thomas Harris
James Herbert
Tom Holland
Peter James
Velda Johnston
Andrew Klavan
Kathe Koja
Dean R. Koontz
Michael Kube-McDowell
Marc Laidlaw
Richard Laymon
Ira Levin
David L. Lindsey
H. P. Lovecraft
David L. Martin
Graham Master
Richard Matheson
McCammon, Robert
Marlys Millhiser
Brent Monahan
Michael Palmer
Anne Rice
Philip Rickman
John Saul
Steve Shagan
Ramona Stewart
Peter Straub
Whitley Strieber
Thomas Tessier
Thomas Tryon
F. Paul Wilson
T. M. Wright
Chelsea Yarbro
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