Worm Day (children) Enon

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Join us throughout the day for fun activities!

Wiggle Worms Storytime (ages 5-9) 10:30 AM - Come find out who Walter the Waltzing Worm is, learn what a worm writes in his diary and discover much more during this storytime filled with books, songs and games.  Registration is required.

Worm Burgers: Drop in Snack Craft (all ages) 11:30 AM-12:30 PM - Join us to have some fun making and tasting Worm Burgers.  These tasty treats will leave you squirming, wiggling and giggling for more!

Worm Races (all ages) 2:00 PM - The Enon Branch is hosting its first ever worm races.  Bring and name your own worm.  Prepare to see which worms are fast, which worms are slow, and which worms won’t go.  Let’s have some fun cheering on our wiggly, squiggly friends.  Registration is required.

This program will be held at the Enon Branch, 209 E. Main St., Enon, OH.  Call (937) 864-2502 to register.

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