Lenski Children's Center

Why is our children's area called the Lenski Children's Center?

A picture of Lois Lenski.
Lois Lenski

Lois Lenski was born October 14, 1893 in Springfield, Ohio where she lived until 1899.  Her father was a Lutheran minister and the family moved to Anna, Ohio in 1899.  Lois graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Ohio State University where she was chosen art editor of the yearbook.  She attended the Art Students League in New York City and the Westminster School of Art in London, England.  Encouraged to write her own books to accompany her drawings, Skipping Village, her first book, was published in 1927.  In 1946, she was awarded the Newbery Medal for Strawberry Girl, one of the regional American series.  Lois Lenski not only wrote and illustrated almost 100 books of her own, but also illustrated 57 children's books by others.

The Children's Room of the Warder Public Library was named the Lenski Room in honor of her sixtieth birthday in October 1953.  She attended the ceremony and donated many of her works to the library.  In the new Clark County Public Library, the Lenski Children's Center displays these items, including works that have been translated into other languages.  We also have books in our circulating collection written and illustrated by Lois Lenski.  If you are interested in reading further about Lois Lenski, her autobiography, Journey Into Childhood, is an excellent resource and demonstrates her talent as a writer as well as her love of writing and drawing for children.